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How Our Free Cell Phone Lookup Works ?

Step 1: Enter Any Phone Number

Just enter a phone number and click on the "Submit" button , you can enter everyone's phone number.Please double-check that you have entered the correct number.

Step 2: Database Search

Wait 1-2 minute until we search in our big database that number , allow up to 5 minutes because the database it's very big.Do not worry because we'll find that phone number.

Step 3: Access Full Report

Final phone report will include a lot of informations about that phone number . From name , address , location and many other things .

Reverse Phone Lookup without charge !

Do you want to find out who called you, their city, address, state, carrier and much more? You may be wondering whose number is this calling me so you need to ... Keep reading this article as I’ve written in depth on reverse phone lookup and how it can help you to trace.

What Is a Phone Number Lookup?

It’s pretty simple to understand! Phone Number Lookup is simply tracing down the person’s name, address, city, state, zip and other details.It is either done using free reverse phone lookup or there are reverse phone directories available on the internet.However, our concern is to make it quick and automatic via the Reverse Phone Lookup service. It is actually cheap and pretty much easy. You can easily extract the information about cell phone numbers and get all other details in no time.This unique website offers you completely free reverse phone lookup with name and some others details that you might need.

To give you an example of what it actually is, let us take a few:

These are some situations where Reverse Phone Lookup can be of great help and assist you in finding the exact information you need of that particular phone number and person.

  • Suppose on your smartphone, you see a missed call from a person Alison Eckles from a number let us say 315-555-1771. Here the name is obvious with the area code
  • But sometimes, you are just getting off from your work desk and all of the sudden you see this number on your phone with no name. This is something your cell phone doesn’t recognize
  • Or it might be that your primary physician refers you to a specialists and he provides you with doc’s name and phone to call. However, the location of the new doctor is completely unknown to you and you’re wondering how to get there?

What Information I Can Find?

When you trace a phone number using reverse phone lookup, it will give you the following details about that particular number:

  • The name of the person on whom the number is registered with
  • His address including state, city and zip code
  • In some cases it may also provide with his business details

How Can I Trace A Cell Phone Number?

This is the tricky part. When it comes down to tracing a phone number, it can get a bit difficult as you have to go through multiple steps.

Don’t worry, we’ll make the reverse phone lookup easier for you.

However, for the sake of explaining this step, here are a few steps that are commonly practiced to trace a cell phone number.

The Dumb Way

Now this sounds pretty dumb but it can be tried to find out or trace the caller. Simply call them back from whom you’ve been receiving calls and politely ask them who they are, how they got your number.A best way to do this is having your friend call their phone or you can even try it through a payphone. This way you can know who is calling you.If you want to check our review about the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service , please navigate to the menu !

Searching Public Database

Now this is something very hectic and will take a lot of time but it can be worth it. You can also search the white pages in the U.S. or simply the search engine to find your own public database easily.You need to read our latest page named best reverse phone lookup , and there you will find reliable informations .

Using a Search Engine

This isn’t tricky, you just have to know how to search properly. It might be possible that the phone number you are trying to trace has the number associated with an institution or a website.Here, you’ll simply try different formats like (this is an example) 111-111-1111 or (111)1111111, etc. and hit the search button.If the person who you are looking for has given his or her number on any website, it will pop-up.

Using the Social Media

Don’t forget Social Network. Facebook search bar can also help you find useful and related information.Simply enter the phone number in the social network’s search bar, hit enter, and you’ll get a long list of post with relevant data if it’s available.From here, you can quickly identify where that person has been chatting or dealing with somebody.

About This Website

Whether you are looking for an unknown caller disturbing you or you want to research about a new neighborhood that you are moving to. We can help you with accessing millions and billions of records in no time.


  • Research: Using our phone look up service, you can easily research for unknown callers, new places and much more. Our database has billions of records which are available to access instantly
  • Reconnect:You may want to reconnect with one of your family member, friends or loved ones and don’t know where they are now. All you need to do is search their name, phone number or type in any relevant details you know about them, and we’ll provide you with the recent information about them
  • Others:Check all the features that you can recive when you do a free phone lookup

How Much Does A cell phone lookup Cost?

Depending on how many numbers you want to lookup for or what details you want to extract, but most of the lookups are free , so don't worry . We are the only website that offers free phone number lookup with NO CHARGE!

Where Do They Get The Information

Our database has record of billions of phone number with their relevant details like name, address, etc.These have been manually updated from the very recent records and help us to lookup for the exact information more accurately.

Accepted Countries

Following are the countries which we accept, have the database of and allow our users to search for the phone number, address, city, state and zip information.

Cell Phone Providers Success Rate

Cell Phone ProviderSuccess RatePopularity (0-10)
Boost Mobile100%8
U.S. Cellular90%5
Virgin Mobile100%6
CREDO Mobile75%4
* We offer a dedicated cell phone lookup for multiple phone carriers , so make sure you check out that page !

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Is Reverse Phone Lookup Legal?

In the United States, reverse phone lookup is LEGAL and it can be performed to access the information. However, the rules and regulation may vary from state to state.

Why Would Someone perform a Reverse Phone Lookup?

Normally to identify any unknown caller, his address and other information. Some people also perform the reverse phone lookup to find their friends, family and loved ones.

What Numbers Can be Reversed?

Generally, all the NANP or North American Numbering Plan numbers can be reversed. They contain a three-digit area code along with a seven digit phone number.