About Us

Have you ever needed to look up someone’s name, phone number, e-mail or physical address?

Even in the age of technology, social media and instant access to information, it can seem like an impossible task to track someone down to details as specific as these when you don’t have much information about them to begin with

That’s where we come in.

Phonelookup-24 is there to help you: We offer some of the fastest and most comprehensive lookup searches you’ll find anywhere on the internet – so that you can have the information you need in just a few clicks. Fast, effective and affordable.

Since the dotcom era

The team behind Phonelookup-24 have been assisting professionals with information gathering, lookup and tracing services since the beginning of the dotcom era. That’s how you know Phonelookup-24 has access to the latest search databases and knows about the latest search techniques to find you the details you’re looking for.

Behind the company

The people behind Phonelookup-24 are experts in their respective fields. You know you can rely on them to bring you the information you need. The team behind the website is made up out of a hand-selected team of IT experts, software professionals and legal experts to make sure that the site is always easy to use, fast and affordable for anyone who has to trace someone’s personal details.

We assist legal professionals, businesses, landlords, tenants and more.

There are many reasons why you might have to look up someone’s phone number, e-mail address or criminal record online.

  • You could be someone who is trying to track down a lost or estranged family member; it could be someone you simply haven’t seen for many years, or it could be your biological parents.
  • You could be a legal professional, like a lawyer or process server, who needs to find someone’s personal details in order to contact them or serve them with the necessary papers.
  • You could be an employer looking to find out more details about someone before hiring them for a job, or you could be an employee who wants to do more research on who you might be working for.
  • You could be a tenant who would like to know more about who they are leasing from, or you could be a landlord who feels the need to screen your tenants first before letting them move into your property.
  • You could be a friend looking to track down a missed connection who you haven’t seen for years, when all other attempts at finding them have failed.

We do all kinds of lookups.

There are many sites out there that will make you pay huge amounts of money to look up someone’s name, phone or criminal record – and when the results arrive in your inbox, it’s often only one type of result, and not useful to you at all. Phonelookup-24 does several types of lookups at once. We’re your go-to site whether you are looking for simply a phone number, a name, an address or something more detailed.

We’re accurate.

Personal information changes all the time: People move and change their addresses, or they change from one e-mail address to the next in a few clicks – leaving one e-mail address a complete dead-end for the next few decades. Sometimes people even change their names.

This can be a nightmare when you’re trying to find someone, especially when regular lookup sites can only provide you with outdated or old information that means nothing to you now.

Phonelookup-24 promises to be accurate – all the time. We’re linked to the most updated personal information search engines in the world, and we’ll always provide you with the most updated listing for someone’s name, phone number, criminal record or e-mail / physical address that we can find.

We won’t release your information, or what you search for.

You have our guarantee: We’ll never release your personal information to other companies, and we’ll never tell others what you’ve been searching for online. We promise not to spam your inbox once you’ve given us your details – or anyone else’s. Information should be easy to access – but at the same time, your information should still remain private.

We’re fast, effective and accurate.

With Phonelookup-24, there’s no need to wait for several days, weeks or months to get the results that you searched for: Our results are instant, and will appear on your screen within seconds of doing your search. When it comes to lookups, we’re one of the best out there.

Still aren’t sure if Phonelookups-24 is the right service for you? Try out our extensive network of name, address, e-mail address, phone number and criminal record lookup database to see the results for yourself.

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