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AT&T Phone Number Lookup

Getting calls from hidden numbers all the time? Facing random calls from random numbers asking you for a few minutes to complete a survey? How about those annoying calls asking if you have ever been involved in an accident? Accidental third party shares from phone companies often lead to such spam and scam calls. Even if the number looks genuine, you no longer feel like answering, yet this whole venture can be quite annoying. Can you find out who is calling you then? An at&t phone number lookup search might have all the answers you need.

How It Works

The AT&T phone number lookup is relatively easy to understand. Basically, if you get a call from a random number not in your address book, you can search for it and find out who it was. Generally speaking, those unusual looking numbers are related to companies. Some of them are strictly related to you (such as your phone provider or car

insurance company asking how you are and if you want to upgrade), while others are totally random.

The real problem occurs when you get calls from genuine numbers and you have no idea who they belong to. Another common issue is common calls that involve offensive language, no talk at all or threats. For such situations, the lookup search can provide valuable information to help you decide on your next move – whether you have to call back or just alert the police.

Step by Step Instructions

Using the AT&T phone number lookup function is quite simple. Even if you are not a tech savvy individual, you will figure out how it works right away. It is an intuitive process that leaves no room for mistakes.

<strong>Step 1 – Go to the Website</strong> Step 1 – Go to the Website
Load the website up and decide what you want to do next. If you feel a bit overwhelmed, you can always look around and maybe check the FAQ section. Go to the about section if you are unsure about how it works. All in all, if you are not interested in any of these but you want to go straight to the point, use the search function located in the middle of the page.
<strong>Step 2 – Conduct the Basic Search</strong> Step 2 – Conduct the Basic Search
There are no sophisticated requirements to know about when about to search for a phone number. Instead, you will find a search function covering the main part of the page. Go to your call logs and write the number you are interested in. Put it into the slot and hit the search button. It might take around a few minutes, depending on the size of the database, as well as your Internet connection. It is not an instant search, so wait patiently.
<strong>Step 3 – Check the Report</strong> Step 3 – Check the Report
Go through the detailed report and discover the details that you are interested in. The report can be quite comprehensive, depending on what kind of information can be found but don’t worry you will have there what we promised here , the att reverse phone lookup service has a 100% accuracy. However, it is neatly organized, so you can see everything at a glance – no clunky paragraphs and overlapping details, but an aerated appearance with nicely sorted lines.

Helpful Hints

Despite being almost useless, try out the free option first. In other words, load your favorite search engine and put the number in – see what kind of results you can find. Ignore the ones leading to phone lookup websites, as they are quite sketchy. If it is a company number, you should find it there if it is public and official.

On another note, the report can be more or less detailed. It depends on multiple factors. What you truly need is a name and location for further action. More details are better, but these are the main ones, especially when it comes to harassing calls, threats and repetitive scam attempts.Our att reverse lookup service received multiple awards so you can’t go wron with this one !

AT&T Directory Assistance

What It Is

The AT&T directory assistance is an individualized service provided by AT&T exclusively to its members. Users of other networks or operators cannot benefit from it. The directory is available on a 24/7 basis. You can call it at any random time and someone will always be there to help you out. However, AT&T also recommends locating phone numbers over Yellow Pages online. Unfortunately, spam and scam numbers are less likely to be registered there.

It is worth noting that the directory assistance will not help with any random number. Instead, people must actually request being visible upfront. They must get in touch with AT&T and ask for their details to be given away in case someone asks. Who does that? Exactly! Chances are quite low, yet it is still worth a try. There are several ways to contact the directory assistance or an AT&T mobile phone number lookup – you can either call 411 or dial 5551212 (include the area code before).

What You Can Do

The directory assistance is limited in power and capabilities. It will most likely be able to help you find local and national listings. It works for both businesses and residential numbers. You can also find specific businesses based on the type of business – such as a dentist or a florist – and location. You might be given a few different options there.

As for the reverse phone number lookups, you can find more details about mysterious callers. The information you can get through this AT&T Mobile phone number lookup includes the name, address and zip code. Just like you have probably guessed already, there are some limitations, so you may not always get all the details required.


Generally speaking, the AT&T Mobile phone number lookup through the designated directory assistance is free of charge. Practically, not really. According to AT&T, calls to this service may involve a per-use charge. It is not a certain fact, so it is hard to tell.

Even if there is a fee, chances are it will not overwhelm you. For such services, fees are usually small. You will be told about it over the phone once you get in touch with the operator. If not, simply ask about it.

Other Methods

Search Engines

Search engines represent the primary choice for many when it comes to an AT&T Mobile phone number lookup. After all, this is the easiest thing to do. You look at the number, then you put it in one or two search engines and cross your fingers.

The results can go in a few different directions. If the number is the public official number of a company (be it a large corporation or a small local business), it will be among the first results. If the number is private, it will probably not show up. Keep in mind that search engines operate over the Internet. If the number is not used to register online for various services or publicly displayed, the search engine cannot get too many details about it.

Some of the results will include phone number lookup websites – sketchy and full of ads. They will not reveal any information, so do not even worry about them. Those are just scam portals.

Call Trace Services

Call trace services are quite diversified. Some of them will actually work and provide the details you need. You are less likely to get any details without paying a fee though. The reason is fairly simple – they have to pay to access databases, so these fees are transferred to you.

Some others are free. Use your own number to test them out. You will either have to complete surveys or sign up to sketchy services in order to get the result (which is no result at all) or you will get a random name and location that has nothing to do with you.

In other words, you will probably waste your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information can I get from the AT&T Mobile phone number lookup?

The information you are after includes the name and location. Sure, the report might be longer. It depends on other factors. But overall, you will get a name, code and address.

What can I do if I locate a stalker or scammer?

Never attempt to confront these people face to face. You have no idea who they are or how dangerous they can be. Once you manage to locate them, simply get in touch with a local law enforcement agency and file a complaint. Include all the details you know.

Is it legal to perform an phone number lookup?

Absolutely. If it was not, such services would not be available today. It is perfectly legal to check a number out of curiosity or to cease a case of harassment, scam or spam. Make sure you use the information responsibly though – keep it to yourself or share it with the police if you have to.

Can i also perform a phone lookup for a different carrier ?

Of course you can , we offer support for multiple carriers !


Bottom line, the AT&T Mobile phone number lookup will help you solve some annoying mysteries related to your calls. Knowing who is at the other end of the line can help making more informed decisions.