T-Mobile Phone Number Lookup – Knowing, Deciding & Blocking

T-Mobile Phone Number Lookup

Knowing who calls you is the main role of an address book. Of course, it also helps calling who you need and when you need to. But on another note, there are situations when you want to know who calls you, yet you cannot. There are random numbers whose calls you miss or sometimes, you pick up and no one says anything. It makes you wonder – is it a stalker? Is it someone who likes you? Is it a threatening call? This is when the T-Mobile phone number lookup service kicks in to give you some hints about who bothers you all the time.

How it Works

The tmobile phone number look up operation works by some principles. You are given a service. All you have to do is put the number in the required slot and search for it. The website will not tell you what kind of databases it goes through during the search, but chances are you will get some results right away.

Once you have a few more details about the respective number, you can decide what to do next – give a call back, send them a text telling them you know who they are or maybe alert the police. None of these options would be available without knowing who keeps calling you.

Step by Step Instructions

Even if you have never used such services before, chances are you will get how they work right away. There is no experience required, while the whole operation is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is follow a few basic steps.

<strong>Step 1 – Load the Website</strong> Step 1 – Load the Website
Go to the tmobile phone number look up website. It is a simplistic website giving you a few basic options. If you are not sure how to use it, just go through the FAQ section. You can also find out more about it – such as what type of details you are likely to find out.
<strong>Step 2 – Perform the Search</strong> Step 2 – Perform the Search
As a newbie, the slot to enter the T-Mobile phone number will strike you right away. It is in the middle of the page and it features a large search button. Whether you use it on a mobile phone or a laptop, the website looks exactly the same. You will have to put the number in the respective slot, then hit the search button. Gives it a minute or two and your results will be displayed. It also depends on how speedy your Internet connection is.
<strong>Step 3 – Browse the Information</strong> Step 3 – Browse the Information
Once you have the results, you can go through the compiled report for more information. The information depends from one number to another. It depends on where it is used – online accounts, utilities, bills and so on. Chances are you might find a full name and an address as well.

All in all, there is no way to go wrong with this service. It is fairly simple to use and everything about it is intuitive.

Helpful Hints

Unlike full name lookup services, phone number lookup is simpler because you only need one detail – the actual phone number.

It is highly recommended to try the free method first. Use social media to search for the respective number, as well as search engines. They might give you some details. If the user has registered this number with public accounts, they could easily be tracked.

If free options do not provide the results you require, you can go for a professional service for more details. Sure, such a service is not free, but totally worth the low fees.

T-Mobile Name ID

What It Is

In the attempt to protect its customers, T-Mobile has developed T-Mobile Name ID. The application is integrated into T-Mobile’s packages and often comes preinstalled on its smartphones – not a general rule though. It is exclusively created for T-Mobile users, so other network operators cannot benefit from it.

Once installed and running, it will display the name associated with numbers that are not in your address book. Even when hidden numbers call you, the application will detect the actual numbers and display them on your screen.


Scam and spam protection has never been easier. The most recent updates of the application allow you to see what kind of organization you get calls from – surveys, telemarketing, politics and so on. Furthermore, you can block numbers, so they are less likely to bother you again.

The design is fairly simple, so anyone can get used to it – no experience needed. Other than that, you have true call blocking. It gives you two options – send callers to your voicemail for a message or provide a hangup experience, so they cannot even spam you with voicemail messages.

What Can You Do

Apart from seeing who keeps bugging you and blocking their numbers, the smart blocking feature takes all the hassle away from you. If you are not in the mood of researching and deciding for each number particularly, the smart blocking feature lets the application decide who to block based on some combinations of hidden numbers, scammers and spammers.

Unsure about it? You do not necessarily have to pay right away, but try it out first. T-Mobile provides 30 days worth of free trial to use and test T-Mobile Name ID.

Application Download

T-Mobile Name ID is currently available for Android users only – there are no alternatives for Windows and iOS users. It can be downloaded through the Google Play Store – simply search for it and hit the install button.

There are a few requirements before using it. First, you will obviously need a T-Mobile account. Second, it depends on what version of Android you have. In order to benefit from all the features, you will need Android Lollipop (5.0) or Marshmallow (6.0). Older phones will not be able to use all the features.

Once you have all these, start the 30 day trial. After 30 days, you will have two options – cancel it or purchase a subscription, wherefore you will be billed on a monthly basis.

Other Methods

Search Engines

The basic option to perform a t mobile number lookup is loading your favorite search engine. Copy and paste the number in there and hope for the best. Most search engines will only display information about public phone numbers of companies and businesses. Unless you get a call from your phone provider or car insurance company, chances are you cannot tell who called you. Most results will lead you to bogus and sketchy so called phone number lookup services. Simply put, this option is completely useless.

Social Media

Social media used to be another popular option to perform t mobile number lookup searche. Most commonly, people used it on Facebook and Instagram. These days, many social media networks allow logging in with your phone number. Some of them make it mandatory. Therefore, apart from searching for one’s name, you could also do it by their email address or phone number.

Just like you have probably guessed already, social networks have turned such settings secret, so less than 3% of your searches will display any results at all. Feel free to try it with some of your friends’ numbers and you will notice the results – none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone trace an anonymous number?

Absolutely. Lots of companies hide their numbers by using code #31# before the actual number, only to prevent being called back. Lots of people use the same code if they want to hide their identity. There is no special function to hide it, but just a simple code. Luckily, it can be traced back and a professional T-Mobile phone number lookup function might be able to give you all the details you need.

Can I trace numbers starting with 0300, 0800 or other similar combinations?

Yes. These numbers are normally related to companies. Some of them can be called back for free, while others will charge you a fortune. Therefore, do not attempt to call back. Instead, track the numbers, find out who they belong to and check the company’s contact page for the right number to call – if you really have to. It is the safe and inexpensive way to get back to a company whose calls you missed.

What kind of information can I get by tracing a number?

Most commonly, you will get the caller’s name (or company name). However, it depends on where the respective phone number has been used over the Internet. In other words, you may also find other relevant details, which will come in handy if you need to report the scammer or spammer to the police for abusing you.More informations about other phone networks you can find here .


As a short final conclusion, the T-Mobile phone number lookup feature can make your life much easier and can prevent a series of unexpected situations. The more you know about abusive calls, the less stressed you will be.