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A new neighbor down the street? A potential new employee? A new nanny for your baby? A potential partner you met on an online dating website? For any of these situations, you want to know more than what they tell you. Everyone hides something – you too. It is perfectly normal. After all, this is your private life. However, certain situations demand more knowledge about one person or another. Fortunately, while people will not necessarily disclose their secrets, a full name lookup may bring in some outstanding details from their lives.

A professional people search tool will clear all your worries and give you a well deserved peace of mind.


Imagine you have a few kids and a new person moves in nearby. You welcome them to the neighborhood and they look like nice people. But, do they hide anything? You do not want your kids playing down the street knowing that a previously convicted sex predator is lurking from their house, do you? While sex offenders are supposed to make it clear for a particular amount of time, once that time is over, they can pretend to be perfectly clean. A lookup tool will expose such a previous conviction right away.

How about finding someone online? You are running out of options around you and no matter how hard you try, you just cannot find your soul mate. You go online and you find someone who seems to be perfect. Where were they all this time? It looks good, but do they have anything to hide? It could be someone with sex offense convictions in the past. Or maybe you want to start a family, but you do not want to do it with someone who filed for bankruptcy twice before turning 30, do you?

Most people would try to find out more about one person or another when a potential conviction could harm them directly. If someone was convicted for online fraud in the past, it may not really affect your safety standards. If you do not have anything in common with them, you probably do not even care. However, when it comes to more serious convictions, they might affect your peace of mind and safety standards. At this point, there is no way you can leave room for mistakes, so go on and find out more.

Last, but not least, pure curiosity is just as good of a reason to perform a full name lookup over the Internet. Maybe you want to know what your high school lover is doing these days. Perhaps you want to reunite with some of your best friends from college. Where are they today? What are they doing? Believe it or not, lots of people rely on such tools and services in order to reunite with their loved ones – old friends and even family. It takes less than a few minutes to find out everything you need about your so called target.

Rules and Regulations

There are certain rules and regulations when using a full name lookup search. Basically, these rules apply to how you use the information. It makes no difference what your reasons for a people search – curiosity or actual worries. However, when you get the info you require, you will have to use it according to some rules.

For any of the above mentioned situations and advantages of using full name lookup services, there are literally no rules. Most of them are based on pure curiosity, as well as the attempt to maintain your safety at the highest standards. But is this everything? Absolutely no. In some situations, using the info can be illegal.

If you are hiring someone and you find something that they never mentioned, you might ask them about it. But then, it is not allowed to make a decision based on your research, as full name lookup services are not credit or law enforcement agencies. No matter what the law says, use your instincts an go with common sense – just make sure you find another reason for rejection.

Other situations when you cannot use such details to make decisions include dealing with insurance companies or performing a credit check.

How to Use

Even if you have never used a find people service before, chances are you will get along with it pretty quickly. There are no sophisticated procedures and you do not require any experience at all. The interface is straightforward and intuitive, so you should be able to complete the job within minutes only.

<strong>Step 1 – Get to the Portal</strong> Step 1 – Get to the Portal
The first step implies loading up the website. Once there, you will find a menu with various services – usually just extras. You can also find out more about the provider, read the terms and conditions and explore the frequently asked questions if you have any issues. Feel free to contact them as well for anything that might be on your mind. If you want to get straight to the point, you will find a slot on the homepage where you can put in the target’s full name. You can also add a few more details if you know them, such as the state or the city . You can find people using his email or other personal information .
<strong>Step 2 – Perform the Search</strong> Step 2 – Perform the Search
Once you have the details in, hit the search button and wait. The provider has a massive database and will automatically perform deep searches over the Internet as well. Some of the records will be grabbed from private (public by request) sources, such as courthouses. Normally, the search should take less than a minute, yet it also depends on your Internet connection.
<strong>Step 3 – Go Through the Results</strong> Step 3 – Go Through the Results
Once you find the result, click on the respective name and you will have a full report. The report is nicely optimized and organized, so you will find the information you need at a glance – no clunky designs and overwhelming text that makes no sense.

All in all, getting the details you want is a matter of minutes. It involves close to no effort at all.

What Is Included in the Report

There are more details included in the full name lookup report. Some of them are general and most records include them, while other results can dig deeper and provide more information.

The full name is always the first thing to be included in a report. Even if you only know the last name or you have no idea what the middle name is, chances are you will find the full name in no time. Other than that, some people also have aliases and might go by those. They are also included in the report if any.

The current address is also included in the report. It is excellent for those who want to reunite with family or old friends, but they are not sure where to start from. If you already know the target’s address, this bit of information is great to confirm that you have the right person.

Phone numbers? Even better for those looking to reconnect with old friends. It is much better to get someone’s number and drop a text message or make a call than show up by their door. Some reports may include more numbers – including landlines, mobiles and numbers used until recently, but no longer in use.

The age and date of birth will confirm that you are looking at the right person’s information. It will also give you some hints about your neighbor, as well as a potential partner – especially in online dating. If you are really young, knowing the age can prevent the inconvenience of dating someone who is under the legal age and hides it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Google search a phone number?

Absolutely. You can search for pretty much anything on Google – literally. The only problem is you will not always find the results you want. When it comes to phone numbers, most results lead to sketchy phone lookup services – unless the number belongs to a large company that keeps it public. Using a people search tool is much more convenient.

How do I find out someone’s number?

The easiest way? Ask them. Whether you have no contact with them or you do not feel like doing it in person, a full name lookup service might be the best choice. Apart from phone numbers, it will also bring in further details, such as current and past addresses.

What is the best search engine to find a person?

Hard to tell because none of them is actually a full name lookup provider, so you have to be really lucky to find a person – unless, of course, you look for a famous person.Consult our entire phone lookup features in order to make sure you don’t miss anything .


In the end, a professional full name lookup will most likely solve all your problems in no time. It is easy to use and will provide all the required information in no time so don’t wait anymore and use our search people service .