Reverse Address Lookup – Find out who lives there !

Reverse Lookup Address

Curious who lives at a particular address? Wondering who lives at this address ? These two common searches go hand in hand that’s why we created our reverse address lookup service. There are plenty of reasons wherefore you could use one of them and unfortunately, a brief search over the Internet will not give you too much – eventually a list of social media profiles (with none of them really being who you are looking for) or some maps. With all these, you do have some options when performing an address lookup. Using the right service or tool will give you all the details you require. Now, how do you do it and when do you actually need it?

Costs Associated

Costs for a reverse address lookup vary from one service to another. Why is this service not available for free? Easy! In order to provide accurate results, a service will have to check a series of databases. While some of them are available for free, they are usually inaccurate – how do you explain not being able to find it over the Internet then? The best ones are premium and must be paid for. Therefore, you are charged a fee. The good news is you get more than what you ask for, as the report will contain plenty of other private data discovered throughout the search.

The Success Rate

Not everyone is registered with a place in the country. For example, there are people who come to the USA for a summer job and they do not really register with home offices. Also, there are people who might move and fail to update services right away. Overall, the success rate is quite high and can go up to 99%. There will be at least one item to link one person to an address, be it a mobile phone contract, a bill or a car insurance.

How to Use

Have you ever used an address lookup service before? Even if the answer is negative, there is nothing to be worried about. The portal is fairly simple to use. Once loaded up, you will find it quite intuitive. There is literally no way to do it wrong. So, what steps do you have to follow?

<strong>Step 1 – Load the Portal</strong> Step 1 – Load the Portal
Load the website up and become familiar with it. If you have any questions, you will find a section with frequently asked questions. Not there? Use the contact form to inquire about your issue. Check prices and all the information you might be able to get from your report. There is a slot on the page to enter the full name. You cannot miss it, as it is right in the middle of the page as you load it up. Use it to put in as many details as you know. You may not know everything – it is totally alright. Leave it blank and in the worst case, you might end up with more than one result.
<strong>Step 2 – Conduct Your Search</strong> Step 2 – Conduct Your Search
Once you put all the details in, go on with your search. Hit the search button and let the website perform its advanced searches. It might take up to a couple of minutes. It depends how many results it will find for the information you put in.
<strong>Step 3 – Read the Report</strong> Step 3 – Read the Report
Once the search is done, you can check the report. If you have more than one result, it is up to you to check all of them and figure which one is the right one. This is less likely to cause any problems though, as you will barely get a couple of results. The report will include more than just the actual address and home owner details. You might find contacts and even pictures, not to mention about related records found throughout the search.

The report is well organized – not clunky, not overwhelming. You can go through it within minutes and find the information you require at a first glance.

Reasons to Use our service

When you think about it, why would anyone need to perform a reverse lookup address search? The truth is there are plenty of reasons. Here are the most common ones though.

Fight Identity Theft

Identity theft is a common crime these days. It usually occurs at a low level, so it is less likely to actually harm you, but just cause some discomfort. For example, someone might steal your social media pictures and set a new profile with a different name, but with your pictures. Reporting it might do the trick – not always though.

On another hand, identity theft can also become a nightmare. When someone actually uses your name, they might get stuff in your name and literally spend your money or get you in debt without you even being aware of it. They might get contracts for mobile phones, insurances and even do some shopping.

Using the home owner address lookup may identify your impersonator’s address. It is highly contraindicated to avoid taking them in person – avoid getting there and avoid contact. You have no idea who this person is or how dangerous they are. Instead, the home owner address lookup is meant to give you enough information to complete a fully detailed police report.

Scouting a House for Sale

Looking for a new property? Trying to buy your first house? A home owner address lookup search might give you some insights about the history of the respective property. Assuming that you have found a place for sale in your desired area, finding more about it can open some doors.

Most importantly, find out who the home owner is and get some details about them. Despite being highly secured, this industry leaves room for lots of scams. Some people are somehow able to sell properties that do not even belong to them. Therefore, the more you know about a property, the more informed your decision will be.

Sure, you might get some details from a real estate agent as well, but nothing compares to a comprehensive search, You might be able to find information that not even a real estate agent knows.

Get Some Neighborhood Statistics

Interested in moving closer to work? How about upgrading your one bedroom flat to a two bedroom house before starting a family?Maybe you are wondering who lives on my street .  No matter what your reasons are, buying or renting a new place implies doing your homework. A neighborhood might look nice and friendly during the day, but it might become a crime scene at night.

Apart from scouting the area in person and driving around at different times of the day (observe the traffic, people, schools, activities, police presence, safety standards and so on), it pays off performing a home owner address lookup search as well.

Check out a few different houses in the area and find out more about the neighborhood in order to determine whether this is the kind of environment you want to live in.

Reconnect with Old Friends

Curious what happened to your best friend from high school? What about the crazy guy who used to run the sickest parties in college? How about your first boyfriend or girlfriend? Reconnecting with old friends has never been easier. A home owner address lookup search allows you to find someone by their name. Assuming that you remember their first and last name, your results should be quite limited. Simply put, find out where they live and pay them a visit.

Some records are more detailed than others. You may also be able to find other contact details, such as phone numbers and email addresses. If you can do that, it is more appropriate to send a message, rather than show up at someone’s door out of nowhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find home owners by address?

The home owner address lookup service allows you to search based on an address. Put in as many details as you know – especially the house number – and you will get a detailed and comprehensive report about the homeowner. You may also find contact details and other relevant information.

How do I find an address from the map?

It depends on the map. If you used digital maps based on GPS settings, you can simply search by the address and the software will display it on a map. You can also search by the address over the Internet. Simply load your most common search engine and put the address in.

Can you Google search a phone number?

Absolutely, but chances are you will not find any results. Results will pop up if the phone number belongs to a company and is publicly mentioned on its website or company directories.For more details about this question you need to consult our phone lookup features section !


As a short final conclusion, a home owner address lookup will solve a series of potential problems for you if used accordingly. The service can provide all the details you require for a comprehensive report to help out in your venture.​