BeenVerified Review : Honest & Legit 2018 Version


What Is BeenVerified?

BeenVerified is an online portal application established in New York, NY. Its main role is to provide easy access to public records at an affordable rate. It puts together past and current addresses, criminal histories, phone numbers and other similar data into one simple report.

Simply put, the portal makes public information accessible to everyone in a simple way. There is no need to go from one public legal or credit report company to another in order to find out the details about a person or a business entity, but just use BeenVerified to have everything in one place.

The company was featured in multiple publications, such as TechCrunch or CNET. It is also rated with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). It only gathers information from public databases, but it saves time for those who are not tech oriented. BeenVerified only works for people living in the USA.

All searches are anonymous, so the person you want to know more about will not know. According to the company’s website, if there is one person who you cannot find any details about, it will send its staff to a local courthouse to gather the required information.


BeenVerified was established in the summer of 2008. It is run as a corporation and most operations are conducted where it is based – New York, NY. It has a few alternative business names, such as NumberGuru, PeopleLooker, NeighborWho and KnowThyCustomer. Joshua Levy is currently holding the CEO position, with Jason Amster and Ross Cohen as CTOs.

Ever since it was established, the company has gained a huge notoriety for its effective results. All the details in its reports are public and can be found over the Internet. However, the job is time consuming and implies targeting multiple credit report companies, as well as courthouses.

BeenVerified became famous for putting together all these things into one place. Its efficiency at finding relevant information got it featured in several publications – both digital and in print. With more than a decade in this industry, it has become the leading application in its field. The company provides a helpful guide on its official website and introduces potential users to what they can use it for, not to mention forbidden uses.

While not initially in its mission, the possibility to find records for people who you cannot find is now part of the game – the staff will just reach the courthouse to retrieve the required details for you.


Once registered with the portal, BeenVerified is available wherever you might need it. It can be accessed from most devices without too much hassle – just log on. Most users rely on the designated applications. There is an app for Android, as well as an alternative for iOS. Anything running on these operating systems is just as handy, such as the Apple Watch.

However, the desktop version is the easiest option,as you have everything at a glance. Users must opt for a membership in order to use the application on more devices. It also offers the best deal if you plan to do multiple checks. It is worth noting that BeenVerified will also save your search history on all devices, so you know precisely where you left off – ideal when searching for your entire classroom or your previous neighbors.

When comparing the smartphone version with the desktop one, certain functions seem faster on a smartphone. However, it does not mean that the process is slow on a computer. As for smartwatches, you clearly do not have enough screen space to do it properly. While usable, you might need some extra patience.


Best for…

There are certain rules when it comes to using BeenVerified and they are mostly related to the legal field, rather than ethics. The portal is best for finding lost love and people from your past, such as high-school colleagues. In fact, the company has a section where people who find each other after years (and even decades) can post their encouraging stories.

It is also suitable for people renting out shared accommodation. Got an empty room? Looking for a new roommate? You are about to share a home with that person, so you better make sure they are who they say they are.

With more and more people turning to online dating, the necessity to scope out your online date is a must. It is not about being curious, but about knowing who you are about to meet. It is a fact that one out of 10 sex offenders uses online dating, so keep yourself on the safe side. Even if records are clean, it still pays off being cautious and meeting in public places.

Interested in sending some wedding invitations to faraway relatives? How about some Christmas cards to your ex-bosses? Sending a mail has never been easier as long as you have enough details to retrieve some extra information.

BeenVerified is just as handy for those who use the Internet to buy and sell stuff. Unless you sell things through mail, you want to know who is about to visit your house and check your car. When it comes to buying from other places than major stores, a little research on the seller can provide plenty of valuable details.

Feel free to retrieve public courthouse records without having to spend a whole day around the courthouse doing paperwork, update your address book with the latest phone numbers and addresses, research distant relatives and faraway family or take a look at your next door neighbors’ records to have an insight.

Furthermore, you should give yourself a check as well. You need to know what kind of information public records hold about you. Maybe you can find some mistakes that will affect certain aspects of your life (such as getting a job or your mortgage), so you need them fixed right away. You may also want to update some of the outdated information.

Cannot Be Used for…

While your reasons are irrelevant, there are certain situations that you should not use BeenVerified for. Some of them are all about ethics, while others are related to the law. Even if you do search for information with these reasons, you should never mention it or use it as a reason for your actions.

For example, as an employer, you cannot do background checks, whether you are interested in current employees or job applicants. There are certain agencies out there that can perform this job for you. Being curious is alright, but using the details you find to reject someone is illegal. Even if you are only looking for a nanny, carer or domestic help, you must abide by the employer’s rules and act like one.

Screening tenants is also contraindicated. Again, there is an agency you can rely on. The Consumer Reporting Agency will perform this search for you and reveal all the aspects you are interested in. It is a legal requirement, so you better respect it.

Working in a bank or a lending company? If you use online reports to determine someone’s eligibility for a credit check, an insurance premium or a mortgage, you might be committing a crime. Unless it is your bank or lending agency, you probably have proper credit checking tools at your disposal anyway.

Just like you have probably guessed already, the application should not be used with illegal purposes. You cannot use it to stalk people, spy on people or contact them against their will. It is their right to privacy that you overcome. Also, identity theft is a serious crime with major consequences.

Our BeenVerified Review

What We Like

Having everything in one place is definitely a great idea. Sure, you could find all those details yourself. However, you might have to spend a whole day in the courthouse retrieving information. You must be tech literate and know where to search. It takes days and you will still miss lots of details, hence the necessity of a more professional service.

BeenVerified is easy to use by anyone. It works on most devices out there and everything is so intuitive that you simply cannot go wrong. There is a visible search bar that no one can miss, so finding relevant information is a matter of minutes. Furthermore, you can use the application on most devices.

Going the extra mile is another reason to like BeenVerified. Cannot find anything about a particular individual? Let BeenVerified know and someone will head to a courthouse to do the homework for you. No other similar service on the market does that.

The guide on what to use the application for and what is forbidden can be handy to those who are not sure how far they can go with it.

Finally, you can choose to get a notification whenever a report changes.


  • Work histories are also included in the detailed reports.
  • The interface is intuitive and straightforward – easy to use even if this is the first such service you deal with.
  • The search is comprehensive and offers exquisite details that may not always be available over the Internet.
  • There are multiple plans based on how many searches you require or how often you perform them.
  • Customer service is responsive and likely to reply within hours only – available on a daily basis.
  • The personal you search for will never be notified about it, so no one will know.
  • The staff will reach to a courthouse and retrieve the information you require if you cannot find anything on a search.

What We Did Not Like

The fact that BeenVerified can only work on residents of the USA is a drawback. Sure, it might be really challenging to cover the whole world. Some countries do not even allow access to such information, but having at least a few other countries would help, such as Canada, Mexico or the United Kingdom.

While premium databases do usually deliver a bit more information, there are certain situations when the upgrade might be a waste of time. Unless it is someone with a rich history and plenty of details, the difference could be insignificant.


  • There are no live chat options in customer support.
  • There are no massive differences between basic plans and premium searches.
  • Retrieves information that you could find for free, yet it would require lots of technical knowledge, patience and time.

How to Start a Free Trial with BeenVerified

Not sure whether BeenVerified could provide the details you require? You can try it out first and determine its efficiency based on results. As you go to the official website, you have the option to search for someone’s first name, last name and state (or all states) to see how many results you will find.

While there is a second testing option, it does not come for free, but for a small fee. The actual trial is available for $1 and offers more than enough to help you make an informed decision.

Information Included in a Report

Current, past and related addresses may represent the most important information you need. It will help you determine whether you are checking the right person assuming you have a few details about their past.

Licenses, deeds and court records are excellent for background checks regarding roommates, potential dates or new neighbors. While everyone hopes to see a clean record, unexpected secrets may always pop up.

Unlike many report agencies, BeenVerified also links social media profiles and online activity to its reports. Simply put, you will know what kind of social networks and blogs your target uses on a regular basis.

Not sure if all the information is correct? BeenVerified will scout through the Internet in the attempt to find pictures of the person you want to know more about. If there is one picture of them online, it will make it to your report – be it a blog profile or a social media link.

No one wants to find any criminal and traffic records regarding a new roommate or online date. Your peace of mind that everything is alright should be a main priority. No one will find out about your search, so give yourself some extra confidence knowing such details.

Most people using BeenVerified do it for contact information. Apart from addresses, you will also gain access to phone numbers. Believe it or not, even prepaid numbers can be displayed and not just contracts with large operators.

Another unexpected result in the record involves the educational information. BeenVerified will link the name and contacts to most educational institutions in the attempt to retrieve degrees, diplomas and courses conducted overtime.

Customer Reviews

Just like for anything else in life, you want to learn from others’ past experiences and BeenVerified makes no exception either.
If you are looking for more reviews about best reverse phone lookup you can find it in our website , we update it constantly .

Plans and Pricing

There are two plans out there. The basic one goes for one month and includes unlimited searches. It is ideal for a random search or for a quick search of old neighbors or school colleagues. You could do all that within one month. It costs $26.89.

If your job implies getting to know more about people and you plan to use BeenVerified more often, chances are the three month plan will prove to be more efficient. It costs $17.48 per month and may often be associated with various discounts.

Once signed up, keep in mind that your membership will be automatically renewed each month. You would have to cancel your subscription before the next payment. Canceling the plan can be done by email or over the phone.

How to Use BeenVerified

<h3>Step 1 - <strong>Try to Find Someone</strong></h3>

Step 1 - Try to Find Someone

As you check the BeenVerified website, you will find a search bar on top of the homepage. Check for the person you are interested in. You have three options – first name, last name and state. Enter at least one of these in order for your search to continue. The more details you have, the more specific your search results will be. If you have all these, you will find all the people with the exact same name in the respective state.
<h3>Step 2 - <strong>Check the Result</strong></h3>

Step 2 - Check the Result

It will take anywhere between a few seconds and a couple of minutes to display your search results. It depends on how many details you provide. If you have all of them, the whole search should take less than 30 seconds.
<h3>Step 3 - <strong>Registration</strong></h3>

Step 3 - Registration

Assuming that you found at least one result, you cannot see any details about it unless you sign up and pay for it. The registration process is quite straightforward and intuitive. You will also have to choose which kind of service you require – one or three months. Provide some personal details and proceed to the payment page. You can also pay by PayPal if you do not want to disclose your card details.
<h3>Step 4 - <strong>Check the Information</strong></h3>

Step 4 - Check the Information

Once signed up and with the payment done, you can finally see the required information about your target. Downloading the info implies paying a small fee. If you do not want a PDF file with it, you can just as well skip it.

Keep in mind that you can skip the first two steps. If your target is not available on BeenVerified, the staff will go to the courthouse to get details. Therefore, even if there are no results, you can still get the required info on request – no extra fees for this service.

How to section

How to Cancel Your BeenVerified Account

You will have to get in touch with BeenVerified in order to cancel your account or the monthly payments are ongoing. You can do it in two different names. First, you can send a message to [email protected] and request the cancellation. Make sure you include your full name and ID number, as well as the email address. Ideally, you should email from that address. Not sure where the ID number is? It has nine digits and can be found at the top of your dashboard after you log in.

Second, you can call 888-579-5910 and provide the same details.

How to Remove Your Name from the BeenVerified Database

You do not have to pay any money to get your name removed from the BeenVerified database. You just have to contact the company and request it. Once you receive a confirmation email, it will take around 24 hours. To double check, put your name into the search bar.

It is worth noting that if someone wants to find out details about you and requests that, the BeenVerified staff will contact the courthouse for all the info, even if you have already opted out.

How to Disable Notifications from BeenVerified

Notifications can be disabled so you are no longer updated on BeenVerified news. It depends on which browser you use, as the most popular browsers have different methods.

As a general rule of thumb, the setting related to browser notifications is usually listed under the Privacy tab, so look for it. Eventually, you will find notifications and be able to cancel the ones that you do not want.


Bottom line, BeenVerified can and will work wonders in the long run. As long as your reasons are clean and legit, you can make more informed decisions regarding the people around you. Curiosity is not illegal though, so you can use the portal for any reason, as long as your actions are legal.

The wide variety of details can make BeenVerified a front runner in this segment. No other similar portal links, social media updates or education courses and degrees.