CheckMate Review – Everything You Need To Know Before Performing A Background Check


Whether you are interested in someone’s report prior to a job application or you want to know more about the man who is about to marry your sister, there are specialized services to conduct such research for you. CheckMate is currently one of the top rated websites in terms of report databases.

What CheckMate Does

CheckMate is one of the most popular background check services over the Internet. It has gained notoriety for its detailed results that go way beyond what you can get from other similar websites. Apart from personal details like phone numbers or arrest records, CheckMate also provides social media links, licenses and education.

The portal puts together information from more than one source. Basically, it scouts through records from all kinds of databases – local, state and federal. No matter who you want to find out more about, chances are no one can “escape” it.


CheckMate has grown to become one of the top background check companies out there. Established around a decade ago, the company had an issue with the Federal Trade Commission in 2014, which accused the company of providing more information than it should. It was fined around half a million dollars and never admitted nor denied the accusations.



CheckMate grabs all the information you could possibly find. Its applications are quite diversified and allow you checking your new neighbors, partners, online dating contacts and so on. Whether you want to satisfy your curiosity or find out more about the people around you, the application will become your best friend. It is available both over a browser or through its designated mobile application.


Best for…

CheckMate is best for curiosity checks regarding nonlegal purposes. For example, it is excellent to learn more about a potential partner, a new neighbor or perhaps an old friend. It is just as handy to track down old high-school or university colleagues. Most people lose these connections overtime, but everyone would love to rebuild those old friendships. There is just a no better way to track down friends.


  • Searches a series of official databases for more comprehensive reports.
  • Can provide details like social media profiles or marriages.
  • Reports are organized in chronological order.
  • Reports flag potentially inaccurate records.
  • Anyone with a record is included in the database.

Cannot Be Used for…

It is worth noting that CheckMate cannot be used to make decisions about employment, insurance or credit. It is not an official referencing company, so you cannot base such decisions on the information you get. With all these, you do want to know if your potential nanny for your kid has a sexual abuse history.


  • Does not allow purchasing individual reports.
  • It is not 100% accurate, but getting closer and closer.

Personal CheckMate Review

What We Like

There are more aspects we liked about CheckMate. One of its features tells you which records are not 100% clear. While you do get a glimpse at them, the company is basically telling you that those details might be false.

Another good thing is the deep search. You can even find your target’s social media profiles, not to mention the work history.

Last, but not least, sorting results chronologically makes reports easy to read and understand – no need to interpret them yourself.

What We Do Not Like

CheckMate only operates in the USA. You cannot buy an individual report, but you have to pay a monthly fee. It is not a suitable option for those who only need one report. For others, performing as many searches as they want is certainly a plus.

Start Free Trial

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free trial for CheckMate. It is easy to tell why – grabbing records is a costly operation. Many official institutions charge for their records. What you can do for free is perform a search and make sure the name you want is there before actually paying for a subscription. You can search by using the first name, middle name initial, last name, age, city and state. However, you are free to miss the details you do not know.

There was a time when CheckMate provided a five day free trial for $1 only, but it was canceled.

However if you are looking for a provider that offer a 7 days trial , please consult the big list here :

Information Included in the Report

There are plenty of details included in a CheckMate report, including details that you will not find in other reports, such as:

Current and last known addresses

Ideal if you are trying to track down an old friend, relative or colleague from school.

Possible relatives

Great for those who want to find out more about a potential partner, especially when they try to find love over the Internet.

Arrest and conviction records

A primary source of information when checking a new neighbor or a potential love partner.

FAA and DEA licenses

Excellent if you want to know more about people around you, especially those who you have close interactions with, such as neighbors.

DUI arrests

Most commonly used to satisfy your curiosity and find out things that someone might be hiding from you.

Phone numbers and contact information

Perfect if you are trying to track down an old colleague, friend or neighbor.

Properties owned

Satisfy your curiosity and discover someone’s secrets in terms of properties.

Customer Reviews

While you cannot make everyone happy, CheckMate has an incredibly high rating on most review websites. The amount of positive reviews is more than enough to convince everyone who is not sure which background check website is better.


There are two plans available with CheckMate – a monthly one and a three month one. The monthly plan is recommended to those who only need to perform a few checks. The three-month package is more suitable to those who conduct searches on a regular basis.

The monthly plan subscription costs $22.86 per month. If you think you might need a second month or another search in the future, it is worth purchasing the three month package instead, which costs less than buying two-month subscriptions – $44.58 in total, which means $14.86 per month.

Unfortunately, CheckMate does not provide the possibility to purchase one record only.

How to Use CheckMate

<h3>Step 1</h3>

Step 1

Start by searching for the person you want. There is a search bar on top of the page. You can miss certain details that you are unsure of.
<h3>Step 2</h3>

Step 2

Once the name is found (it could be more people matching those details), try to view it. You will be prompted to register.
<h3>Step 3</h3>

Step 3

Registration is straightforward and simple. When registered and aiming to perform another search, you can simply click the login button. There is no direct registration. You will have to go through the search first. After all, you want to make sure your target is actually there.
<h3>Step 4</h3>

Step 4

After registration, the available record will become instantly available. You do not have to wait for confirmations or manual activations, but use CheckMate right away.

How to section

How to Cancel Your CheckMate Account

You cannot cancel your CheckMate account with a few clicks or taps only. You will have to ask for help in order to do it. Luckily, you can do it over the phone for an instant result. Simply call 1-800-222-8985 and provide details about your account.

After being verified, you can ask the customer service representative to cancel your subscription and close your account.

Keep in mind that just because your subscription expires, it does not mean that your service will stop. It will keep renewing until you cancel it yourself.

How to Remove Your Name from the CheckMate Database

The process is instant and you can do it yourself, without having to call or send an email. You will have to search for your name and find your report. Select it and ask for removal from the options menu. You need to confirm your request. CheckMate will send a confirmation email to your address – simple as that.

Keep in mind that removing your name from the CheckMate database does not mean your records will be removed from public courthouses or agencies. You will only remove it from CheckMate, so those using other sources can still get your details.

How to Disable CheckMate Notifications

Push notifications can become annoying, especially if you know exactly who you want to search for or you no longer want to use CheckMate.

The process depends on the browser you use. Luckily, the official website provides video tutorials for seven different browsers, as well as smartphones. There are slight differences from one model to another, but generally speaking, you will need to get to options and find notifications. Find CheckMate and remove it from the push notification list.


Bottom line, CheckMate aims to take background checks to a new level. Apart from public records, it goes the extra mile and provides details that you may not be able to find otherwise.​