Peoplelooker Review – 2018 Version : Detailed Test


If you have ever tried a background check over the Internet, you probably know already how frustrating it is to go from one result to another, hoping to find the info you require. Sometimes, information is available for free. Other times, you have to pay for it – understandable if it is an official courthouse website, but totally wrong if it is a random website. This is when PeopleLooker kicks in.

What PeopleLooker Does

PeopleLooker is an online background check tool gathering together all the info you require from viable sources. You have everything you want in one simplistic report that may extend over more than a decade. Obviously, basic information like contacts, previous addresses or criminal records is also included. However, you will also get details on education, marriages, arrests, social media networks and so on.

In other words, PeopleLooker makes background checks a breeze for anyone, regardless of their experience. It is a simple and affordable experience that will add to your peace of mind and satisfy your curiosity.


PeopleLooker is quite new when compared to other similar background check tools. It was established in 2006, but it came out to bring something new and convenient. Its reports are simpler, as well as more accurate. Despite being new, it gained a huge reputation within its first year on the market.


PeopleLooker can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. You can use it on any browser. Simply load the address, login and start searching. To make background checks even more convenient, the company has released its own applications as well – available on both Android and iOS. Results will be the same regardless of which option you choose.


Best for…

PeopleLooker is best for any kind of background check in the USA. It only records people in the country and searches through local databases. It is suitable for those who want to reconnect with their lost contacts. It helped families come back together. Furthermore, it is excellent if you are trying to reconnect with old friends or colleagues from high-school. As long as you have a few details, the search will display everything you need.


  • Has some of the most affordable pricing packages in this segment.
  • Provides a strong commitment to privacy, so the target will never know what someone performed a background check.
  • Features mobile applications for both Android and iOS.
  • Extremely simple to use, even if you have no experience at all.
  • Money back guarantee if the results you find do not match the person you are looking for.

PeopleLooker is suitable for those who want to know more about people who they interact with, such as new neighbors or perhaps new potential partners. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Cannot Be Used for…

When you go to PeopleLooker for the first time, you will have to read a notice in order to move on to the actual service. Simply put, the service should not be used by those who want to perform background checks for the wrong reasons. From this point of view, you cannot use the service to make decisions regarding employment or insurance, among a few others. After all, it is not an official report agency.


  • Customer service is not available on a 24/7 basis.
  • You cannot buy a single report, but have to pay for a minimum of one month.

Our PeopleLooker Review

What We Like

The organizational aspect of your reports is the best thing associated with PeopleLooker. Most background check websites will provide similar information, but finding what you truly need will take ages. There are no paragraphs and no blank lines between sections. With PeopleLooker, everything changes. Important details are visible at a glance.

Another good thing about it is the deeper research. Sure, most checkers will give you past and current addresses or criminal records. How many of them will display marriage information, educational courses, DUI arrests, social media profiles and so on? Exactly!

The dedication to providing good customer service is basically what PeopleLooker floats around. Customer service representatives will try their best to be straightforward and provide valuable information both prior and after the sale.

What We Do not Like

In an age where everyone wants everything right now, no one wants to wait for hours to get an email reply. You want live chat sessions and phone numbers to call the customer service. Unfortunately, PeopleLooker does not provide live chat, while the phone is restricted to working hours – no 24/7 service.

Start Free Trial

PeopleLooker does not provide a free trial and it is easy to tell why. Building a background check report involves details from free sources and paid sources. It is no point to provide a free trial when the result must be payable for. However, you can search your target’s name for free and pay for the service only if you want to see the report. This way, you make sure that the name you research is there.

Information Included in the Report

Some of the main info included in a PeopleLooker background check are general and include past and current addresses, census data or contacts, to name a few. But then, the list goes further than that:

  • Property details – Satisfy your curiosity and discover details like satellite maps, property tax amount, value or building specifications.
  • Arrest or conviction records – Find out whether your potential partner or new neighbor has a criminal record.
  • Financial situation – Make sure your new partner is financially stable and find out whether they have ever filled for bankruptcy.
  • Social media accounts – While anyone can perform a Facebook or Instagram search, there are plenty of other networks that your target might use.
  • Pictures – Believe it or not, PeopleLooker can even grab pictures of your target and display them in the report.
  • Education and profession – Curious what your best friend from high-school is doing now? You can discover their education courses, as well as working history.

Customer Reviews

Given how fast PeopleLooker has become a primary background check tool for so many people, its reputation leaves no room for misinterpretations. Sure, you can find some negative reviews too, but most users are happy with the results they receive.


Unlike other similar services that provide sophisticated packages, PeopleLooker keeps it clean and simple. There are only two plans for those who plan to use the service.

The one month membership only costs $28.42 a month. It will renew automatically after one month. You can perform as many searches as you want during this time.

The three month membership will cost you $59.67 in total – not more than $19.89 a month. In other words, you get a massive discount if you plan to use the background check tool on a regular basis.

It is not possible to purchase a single report though.

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How to Use PeopleLooker

Step 1

Once on the official website or in the application, go to the menu and find the login link. Once there, choose to register as a new member, complete your profile and choose your package.

Step 2

Log in after registration and use the search bar on top to enter all the details you know about your target. You can miss whatever you do not know.

Both steps can be used in a different order. You can also search upfront, make sure PeopleLooker has located your target, then register and make the payment to see the record.


How to Cancel Your PeopleLooker Account

Canceling your PeopleLooker account is fairly simple. Call the customer service at 1-800-218-3309, go through the verification process and ask for cancellation. You should have your membership ID handy – a nine digit number.

You can perform the same steps by email. Just send a message at [email protected], enter your details and ask for cancellation.

How to Remove Your Name from the PeopleLooker Database

If you found your own record on PeopleLooker and want it removed, you can ask for removal through the website. Find the record, highlight it and choose to remove it. You will have to confirm your request by email. It will be taken care of as soon as a customer service representative is available.

Please remember that removing your name from the PeopleLooker database does not mean that other sources will remove your details too. You will still show up in public records, courthouse and official governmental databases.

How to Disable PeopleLooker Notifications

Disabling notifications depends on the browser you use, but they all work on the same principles. Just like for other similar tools, you will have to go to preferences or settings, find notifications and locate the PeopleLooker website. Remove it from the list and you will no longer get notifications.


In the end, PeopleLooker can and will work wonders on your record searches with its simplicity and exquisite organization. It aims to satisfy your curiosity and even help you make decisions without spending a fortune.​