SpyFly Review – Regaining Control Over Those Around You


If you want to know more about a new neighbor or a potential partner you meet online, performing a background check might be the answer to all of your issues. The same rule applies if you try to find someone who you have not talked to in ages. This is when SpyFly comes in. But what makes this background check tool better than others?

What SpyFly Does

SpyFly is an online background check tool. It puts together details from both public and private records. It gathers free information, as well as information the company has to pay for. All these for a comprehensive record that beats most other similar tools.

Some of the information given out is general, but other details go deeper into your target’s life. Everything is compiled in a straightforward and simplistic report with all the details you require. You can use it to satisfy your curiosity, but you can also find out more about the people in your life.


SpyFly was established in 2012 and grew to become a top background check tool within the first year. For the first three years, it had a perfectly clean A rating with the Better Business Bureau. It had zero complaints. These days, you can mostly find positive reviews, yet there are a few unhappy customers too – for insignificant reasons though.


Apart from using SpyFly over any browser or device connected to the Internet (tablets and laptops included), you can also download the official application on your device. It is available on both the Apple Store and Play Store – suitable for iOS and Android users.

No matter which platform you use, it will not influence your reports or results.


Best for…

SpyFly is most commonly used for customers’ own curiosity. They want to know more about the people around them, whether it comes to a new neighbor or a new tutor for their children. It is just as commonly used in the dating world, as people want to know more about starting a new relationship.

Plenty of users rely on SpyFly to reconnect with lost contacts. Some people find old family members over the platform, while others manage to get in touch with their best friends from childhood or college. All in all, its uses are quite diversified and can benefit a broad range of people.

Cannot Be Used for…

As you read the terms of conditions, you will find out that SpyFly can be used for a series of reasons, but with a few exceptions as well. If you want to hire someone, you cannot make decisions based on the check report. The same rule applies if you work in the insurance industry and you have a new customer. SpyFly is not a credit agency, so credit reports cannot be based on it either.

We also reviewed some credited agency , visit the review page for more specific details.

Our Spyfly Review

What We Like

Being able to try SpyFly through its trial is a feature that most competitors do not provide. Basically, you can determine whether the tool can raise to your expectations. It is not 100% complete, but it will give you some valuable insights about what to expect.

The way you get your report is another major plus. While this is not a unique benefit, SpyFly is one of those companies that will give you a simple, straightforward and easy to read the report. Forget about overstuffed information. You will, indeed, get as many details as possible, but they are so nicely organized that you can find vital stuff at a glance.

Last, but not least, the free trial is actually a cheap trial that costs less than your daily coffee.


  • Great value for money is among the main reasons behind SpyFly’s popularity, especially when compared to competitors.
  • The positive Better Business Bureau rating is obvious proof of its high quality standards.
  • Convenience is a plus – all you need is to be able to spell a few words regarding your target.
  • Access to paid sources of information means you will get details that you cannot find out otherwise.
  • Simplicity makes SpyFly accessible to everyone, including those with no experience at all.

What We Did not Like

The fact that you have to call for account cancellation is one of the aspects that no one likes. You need to wait in the queue and go through a verification process. Everyone would just love an online application that takes less than a minute. However, SpyFly is not the only background check company opting for phone cancellations – most do. The reason? Extra security.


  • You cannot purchase just one single report.
  • The inexpensive trial is limited and offers access to basic free information only.

Start Free Trial

SpyFly is one of the few background check tools that provide a trial. The trial is not available for free though. It costs $1 and gives you one week. It allows you to use most of the features, but the report is limited in details. If it was not, everyone would just stick to the trial, so it is understandable.

Information Included in the Report

Apart from basic details like past addresses and contacts, SpyFly digs a bit deeper and can provide more detailed info:

  • School and colleges – Wondering what happened to your childhood bestie? How about your classroom mates from high-school?
  • Working history – For the same reasons, you can also go through your old friends’ working histories.
  • Social media networks – Not everyone uses Facebook and Twitter only, so find out what else your target is doing and where.
  • Financial situation – Is your potential partner bankrupt? You want to find your true love, not a sponge, so a check can enlighten your situation.
  • Criminal records – SpyFly can provide both free and secret details in terms of criminal records and convictions.
  • Pictures – Do not be surprised to receive a few pictures in your report if your target shares stuff over the Internet.

Customer Reviews

SpyFly reviews are predominantly positive. Most people are happy with the service, although you might find small complaints here and there. Based on reviews, up to 98% of SpyFly’s customers have found what they wanted in the background check.


SpyFly dominates its competitors when it comes to its pricing packages. The so called free trial costs $1 only and allows you to use the service (with limitations) for a whole week.

The membership is available in four packages. A monthly package costs $29.97 and allows you to perform as many searches as you want. If you think you will do this on a regular basis, it might be better to opt for the longterm packages instead. There is a three-month package for $39.97 – better than doing two single month plans.

The six-month plan costs $49.97, while the yearly one goes to $59.97.

How to Use SpyFly

Step 1

Perform a basic search over the official website and look for your target. If you have found the person, you can move on and register.

Step 2

The registration is straightforward. Choose the package, enter your details and make a payment.

Step 3

From this point on, you can use SpyFly for as many searches as you want.


How to Cancel Your SpyFly Account

Canceling your SpyFly account is simple and requires a call. Get in touch with the customer service team at 1-800-831-9235. The representative will have to confirm your identity by asking a few questions about your account. Request the cancellation and it will be done in no time.

Keep in mind that the trial plan does not expire by itself. When you opt for it, you will also have to choose a plan. If the trial is not canceled before it expires, you will be charged for whatever plan you chose.

How to Remove Your Name from the SpyFly Database

SpyFly allows opting out of its database. Send an email to [email protected] and include your full name as shown on the website, age, current and previous address. You will get a confirmation email and the whole job is usually done within 24 hours. It is not a general rule though, so it might take longer than that.

Getting removed from SpyFly does not mean that your name is removed from public courthouse records, local, state and federal databases or credit report agencies. SpyFly only collects information from such services, but it is not responsible for the actual sources.

How to Disable SpyFly Notifications

Try to find the options or settings of your browser and look for notifications. In some browsers, notifications are in website settings. Once you find them, you will spot a list with all the websites that can send you notifications based on your acceptance. Highlight the SpyFly website and remove it.


In the end, SpyFly can easily handle your curiosity and provide some valuable details about the people around you. Use it for the right reasons and you will feel more in control.​